- Forschungs- und Erinnerungsarbeit zu Zwangsarbeiterschicksalen und NS-Geschichte im Harzgebiet -

Spurensuche Harzregion e.V.

Looking for historical traces in the Harz region

"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to experience it again." (George Augustin Nicolas de Santayana, 1863 - 1952)

About our society
We are a group of history-interested Harz citizens who are reappraising the suppressed piece of history of the forced workers employed here during the period of totalitarian Nazi rule. It can be seen as a fortunate accident that the registration cards from the period 1939 - 1945 of over 5000 forced workers formerly employed in Goslar survived intact in the Goslar City Archives. As a start, we made it our goal, based on the data therein, to find the surviving forced workers who were employed in Goslar and to help them. Since then, our society spread to activities in the whole Harz region.

Even though the national and international debate regarding slave work in Germany in the Third Reich focuses more on their compensation, for those involved coming to terms with the somber facts of their past is of higher priority. To make remembering possible and to organize encounters is therefore the most important part of our efforts. For this work our means and possibilities are unfortunately limited.

Our organization is not only dependent upon contributions, but also upon mediation and support in our relationship to politics, economy and culture. In the interest of the knitting together of the European community and the communication between the citizens of the countries we are grateful for your support!
Places of remembrance in Goslar, set up under our initiative:

Executive Committee and Contact Persons

Oliver Turk
Am Oberen Dorfbach 12
38644 Goslar

Vice Chairman
Dr. Friedhart Knolle
Grummetwiese 16
38640 Goslar

Michael Ohse
Tulpenweg 6
38640 Goslar

Patrick Vossler

Pressure for more clarification must come, as well and in particular, from below. A good opportunity is available through personal engagement in your region. Join with us as a member if you want to support us in our work locally!
Your contribution can also help in fulfilling our goals!
Remarks, comments, questions, tips and cooperative work: fknolle@t-online.de

(Thanks to Holly Pankow for translation)